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Collaborate 17 SIG Meeting and Panel

Join us at the Collaborate 17 Upgrade SIG Meeting and Panel.

Wednesday, April 5

11:00 AM–12:00 PM

Location: Banyan B

Sandra Vucinic will kick off the meeting with an overview of the Upgrade SIG. Following the update, there will be a Panel discussion comprised of experienced resources who will answer all of your upgrade questions. This year's panel will consist of: Kaberi Nayak - Mitre Corporation; Art Dowd - O2Works, John Peters – JRPJR, Inc.; Michael Brown - BlueStar; Karen Brownfield - Infosemantics, and Panel moderator, Sandra Vucinic - VLAD Group, Inc

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If you would like to submit a question to be asked during the panel discussion, please e-mail it to adowd@o2works.com. We will be glad to address it. We look forward to seeing you there right before lunch on Wednesday or taking your questions via e-mail.

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